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4.5m Kivi-Pekka
5m Kivi-Pekka
6m Kivi-Pekka
7m Kivi-Pekka

The largest Pekka available, this machine is suitable for the most demanding clearing applications. With 1400kgs/min capacity and a 7m effective swath the 7m machine is a great fit in all large scale rock clearing scenarios along with land clearing or forestry reclamation projects.

Standard Equipment 

As standard equipment for the Australian Market we include the following standard on machines. 

  • Hydraulic Lift and Fold

  • Flex Drum for 50cm Stones

  • Extra strong 50mm Collection Tynes

  • Rotation Guard

Optional Equipment

From Hitches to Tyre options we can customize your machine to suit your purpose.

A Range of Scharmuller Hitches are available on request to suit ball hitch connections

The smallest in the range but by no means a light weight, this Pekka is suited to smaller areas or farms looking to simplify the rock collection process.

With an output of 700kgs/min of rock, this machine will enhance the rock collection process significantly.

The 5m Pekka is the most common machine produced, with a capacity of 1000kgs/min of stone and a wider collection drum than the 4.5m version it is suited to larger areas or co-operatives with areas of high stone loading.

mainos pohja_edited.jpg

Suitable for very large areas or large co-operatives with a 1200kg/min capacity, the 6m version is the same as the 5m but with an increased working width allowing for large areas with meduim stone density to be cleared of stone efficently.

Our Products

Kivi-Pekka produce a range of different sized  rock pickers. These machines can be used for clearing stones before or after sowing in both cultivated and grasslands while also having the ability to clear sticks and tree roots in newly cleared land or forestry reclamation. 

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